Executive Collabwith Consulting is a service for Executives and C-level. It is part of the Collabwith portfolio of services, which includes the platform Collabwith for Collaborative Innovation, Collabwith Academy, the Collabwith Magazine and the podcast Business of Collaboration.

Executive Collabwith is a confidential and personalized way of acquiring new knowledge based on your immediate needs. It is an on-demand service, which can be offered ad-hoc, once per month, once per year or on a regular basis.

Our innovative approach for you is to offer you an individual Executive Collabwith to help you think about the future, to be ahead of the game, and to enjoy the discipline of learning based on a foundation customized for you, and your business needs. You will receive recommendations right after your Executive Collabwith, and you can use our FUTURE framework to structure your Executive Collabwith roadmap.

Our Executive Customers

Executive Collabwith is supporting Members of Governments, C-Level Executives, University Deans and Industry Associations to make decisions faster, to write executive reports and to get exclusive knowledge.

We Adapt Our Format To Your Needs And Circumstances


One Hour Session

This service is for you if you need to request only one hour of a high-level expert consulting to solve a particular question, or if you want to learn more quickly about what a specific technology can do for your business and if it is relevant for your strategy.

One Hour Per Month

This choice is for you if you dare to learn about a new technology, or to solve a tech question for your business in a structured way every month at the same time, with a different high-level expert tailored to your business needs.

Ten Hours Bundle

This is a service package including ten hours of exchange with high level experts. You can use up your 10 hours during the same month, or along the year. This is a flexible way to learn on demand whenever you need. You can choose to have conversations with the same expert or with a different high skilled expert per hour.


Experts For Board Meetings

We bring you experts to your executive board meeting to help you make the right decision faster and when you need it. Imagine being joined by up to 3 experts together with your executive team to analyse a situation, and make the right move.

Expert Report

You need a neutral, independent, transparent report with insights to help you make decisions. This is an easy to read 10-page report, with points of view from up to 5 different experts to help you to understand the situation with different levels of expertise.

Express Expert Report

A 5-page report with the relevant points featuring different perspectives of up to 5 experts, with the answers to your questions and we deliver it to you in less than a week.


Rosa Scappatura

Executive Relations at New York Mellon Bank

“The breakfast debate was a very inspiring event demonstrating the power of bringing together voices and experiences from diverse backgrounds. I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet so many inspiring leaders who deeply understand the challenges faced when addressing the investment gender gap.”

Susana Solís

MEP European Parliament

“I am very happy that Knowledge4Innovation and Knowco Collabwith organized the forum full of successful and wonderful women to empower women through investment opportunities. These events are very much needed to put the debate on the table and to reduce the inequalities that are still present in the innovation, finance and entrepreneurial sectors. The reality remains that there are still too few female founders, too few women within tech companies and angel investors… and there aren’t enough women in decision-making roles. We will continue working to change this!”

Contact us if you have any questions, we are here to help you.